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Auto-Car manufacturing journey in 20th century

Auto-Car manufacturing journey in 20th century:
Everyone will need a car because it makes life easier in the future. Till now the need and demand of the car had been in a limited country, but now the demand will be there for the whole world, because man likes to upgrade himself with time. It is necessary to upgrade, so along with this, auto industries will also be upgraded. We will see the advanced form of the car in the future which will be different from today's car.
People will use cars, but many people will know about the history of cars. With this article, I have tried to tell about the history of the car, which you will like.

APQP process of Honda| Industrial Learning |QA Tool

Honda New Development ProcessNew Product Development Learning
Hello, in this article i will explain about the procedure of new component development of Honda. For a new model development planning is done in first priority. Accordingly activity are align at supplier end.
I have already explained in one of my article about Honda New model schedule events and activity working. You can read by clicking on this link:- Honda Car development |New Product Development | Industrial Learning

Honda Car development |New Product Development | Industrial Learning

New Product Development Learning
Here we will understand  New Product Development Procedure of HONDA component.
Before starting, you should have knowledge about process /product and detailed knowledge of Drawing

And very important APQP knowledge. Development of each component is done as per APQP. So we have knowledge about APQP-as we know 5 phase. It could be tough for those have not worked in industries for Honda (Specially), because some event terminology and requirement could confuse fresher. Planning phaseProduct Design Process DesignProduct/process ValidationFeedback , Assessment& Corrective action

APQP Learning Tool |Top QMS Tool | Engineering Tool |

APQP Learning Tool
In this article I am going to discuss about APQP in details, all learning have been included in this blog post.
QMS has 5 Core tools: APQP: - Advance Product Quality Planning.PPAP: - Production Part Approval ProcessFMEA: - Failure mode and effect analysisSPC: - Statistical Process ControlMSA: - Measurement System Analysis
Here I will only talk about APQP in detailed.

Learn IMDS | Quality Assurance Tool | Industrial Learning Tool

IMDS-International Material Data System
Hello Friend,  In this article i will try to explain IMDS (International material Data system), submission and filling, Details of IMDS.
Basically IMDS is about details information about material of component which we are delivering to customer.
Think , one company is manufacturing Cars in India, want to sell its vehicle in Europe, where vehicle regulatory requirement is different from India. If our product that mean car does not compile those regulatory requirement , Europe will not buy the cars.